Borrowing and returning

You can borrow library materials with your library card

A library card entitles you to use all library services. You can borrow books, magazines, music, language courses, children’s books and movies to take home with you. To obtain your card, you need to present an identity document showing your photograph.

If you are under 15 years of age, you need to have a written consent of your parent or guardian, acting as a guarantor. The guarantor is responsible for the material, which has been borrowed with the library card of a person younger than 15 years of age.

The first library card is provided free of charge.

For personal use only

The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it.

You must inform the library immediately about any changes of your name, address, or e-mail address, and also about the disappearance of your library card. The customer is responsible for the use of his/her card until he/she has reported the card lost.

Library card registration form

Loan periods


You can reserve both material that is on loan or not on loan at the time. You can make reservations on the web or at the library.

Returning items

Loans must be returned or renewed on or before the return date. Loans that are returned or renewed after the return date are subject to an overdue fine.


You can renew your loans via the Lumme-online library or by visiting or phoning the library during opening hours. For online renewals, you need your library card number and PIN code, which you can obtain from any Lumme- library.

You can renew a loan up to five times, provided that it is not reserved by someone else.

Library users who have outstanding charges of 10 € or more or who have lost their borrowing privileges are not allowed to renew their loans.

Overdue fines

Loans that are renewed after the return date are subject to overdue fines. Overdue items are charged at 0.30 €/loan/calendar day. A customer may accumulate overdue fines up to 6 €/loan.

Replacing items

A customer must replace any lost or damaged items with a new copy, or pay the replacement charge as defined by the library. DVD:s are not replaceable due to copyright royalty fees which are paid separately for each item.