Immigrants and other foreigners are as welcome as local population to use Pieksämäki library. Information about library use and policy, you can find under ABC.


There is only one newspaper in simple language in Finnish, Selkosanomat. Selkosanomat ilmestyy kaksi kertaa kuukaudessa. Selkosanomat can be read in print or from internet internet. Leija is simple language periodical. Leija comes out every other month.

Selkokieli is simple language. The sentences are short. Simple language explanes hard words anf phrases.

Follow news from Yle Uutiset selkosuomeksi in simple finnish. You can listen the proadcast from internet.

There are internet pages in simple finnish. Here are two of them: Verneri and Papunet.

Finnish language

There are simple Finnish books in library (fiction and fact). Selkokirja can be found in a separate shelf in the library. Ask selkokirja from the staff.

In the library, you can find books and cd’s about how to learn Finnish but also here’s some links to study Finnish in internet

Uuno (Flash player needed)(Tampere Univercity of applied sciences)

National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI)

General information

Here we have collected some useful links and information how to study and work in Finland. In addition here’s some links about helth, benefits and driving.

Ministry of economic affairs and employment has collected information about different areas in life and under this link you can find guides about Finnish life in several languages.

Under this link you can find useful words and phrases Words and phrases

A general infobank about Finland: Infobank

YouTube Videos to help you

Living in Finland

This is Finland’s quide to Finnish customs and manners.

Studying in Finland

Are you interested in studying after basic education, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree? Here information how to proceed:

To find information about Finland as a study destination: Study in Finland

Studying in Finland by Finnish national agency for education

Working in Finland

Good information about working and permits in Finland: Finnish immigration service

Here’s info about pension Työelä

Statistics about employment by Ministry of economic affairs and employment


Foreigners can acquire a Finnish personal identity code by registering for the Population Information System. In certain cases, foreigners will also be registered with a municipality of residence (in Finnish: kotikunta) in Finland: Population register centre

Social security in Finland (toimeentulotuki in finnish): Kela


In case of emergency, call 112

Information about Finnish heath care: Finnhealth


Finland has right sided traffic. General speed limit is 80 km/h. In the cities after city sign you can drive 50 km/h. Notice, that many towns have separate speed limits for 40 or 30 km/h.

Generally you have to be 18 years to get a drivers license for automobiles. To drive a moped you have to be 15.

Motor insurancer’s centre’s advice about Foreign motorists in Finland