User Guide of Pieksämäki Town Library (starting from 1 November 2018)

This guide is based on the Act onPublic Libraries (1492/2016, §14). Everyone who obeys this code of conduct isallowed to use the book collections, services and premises of the library.

  1. The premises and opening times

Pieksämäki town library is open for all. Everyone who obeys the library code of conduct is allowed to use the book collections, services and premises of the library. The opening times can be found in the attachment, the library and the homepage of the library. Pets and animals are not allowed in the library. This does not apply to guide dogs.

There are separate guidelines for the use and booking of computers and children’s room (satuhuone). The guidelines can be found in the library and the website of the library. During the self-service time customers can use the facilities independently. There is a free wifi in the library.

You can visit the self-service libraries in Jäppilä and Virtasalmi even when the librarian is not present. This requires a valid library card and a password.

The children and youth library inNaarajärvi follows the school’s working and holiday times. The route andservice times of the library bus, Rietrikki, are found on the Pieksämäki townwebpage and in the bus itself.

2. The use, loan and reservationof the library material

Customers will get a library card and a password by showing a valid ID and signing the code of conduct. Customers under the age of 15 require a guardian’s approval. The guardian is responsible for the loans of customers under 15. Corporate customers have an assigned person responsible for the loans. Public libraries have the right to register necessary personal information in their register.

The library card is personal and is your ticket to borrowing material. The holder of the card is responsible for the card and material borrowed with it. Please inform the library if you lose the card or your personal information changes. The customer is responsible for the loans taken out with a missing card until the loss has been reported at the library. You can get a new card to replace the missing one.

You can use the self-service points with your library card. You also need the library card number and a password to sign into the online library. To use the self-service libraries you need the library card and a four digit password.

You can find both physical and electronic material in the library. The library is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by the loans and materials. You can borrow up to 50 items at one time, but only 20 loans of DVDs, videos and CDs. Different kind of materials have different loan periods. You can find the periods in the separate attachment. You can renew your loans up to five (5) times if there are no reservations. The library has the right to limit the number of loans, renewals and reservations. You can renew your loans in the library, online, by phone and by email. Age limits apply to the loans of movies and games.

You canreserve material for free in the library, online, by phone or by email. Youwill get a text message or an email stating when you can pick up your reserveditem. You should pick up your reserved item or contact the library within seven(7) days or the reservation will be passed on to the next customer in line.There is a charge for a reserved item that is not picked up. If the reserveditem is not found in the collection of Lumme-libraries, it can be borrowed fromanother library. Special terms and charges apply for long-distance loans. Youcan also make suggestions of possible material purchases.

3. Loan returns and loan periods

You have to return your loan by the last date of your loan period at the desk or the self-service return point at any Lumme-library. You can use the self-service return point in the main library within Poleeni opening hours.

You findthe loan periods on the loan print-out. If you want, you can get a reminder onyour email three days before the expiry of your loan period. The library is notresponsible for the successful delivery of these reminders. The charges andfees for overdue items can be found in the attachment. There is only a fee forthe notice for overdue items of children and youth material. The fees andcharges are based on the decision of the municipal government.

4. The responsibilities of the customer

Thecustomer must not disturb other customers or the staff at the library or damagethe property or jeopardise the safety of the library. The customer should alsotake care when handling the material and property of the library so as not tocause any damage.

5. Free services and servicecharges

You canuse, borrow and reserve the material of Pieksämäki Town Library for free.Charges and fees apply to overdue and damaged items, long-distance loans andprints. Damaged items can also be compensated for by providing the library withthe same item of similar value. The charges for damaged DVDs and BlueRays alsoinclude an extra charge for copyright fees. The library also has the right totake legal action to summon unpaid charges. 

6. Self-service libraries

Theself-service libraries in Jäppilä and Virtasalmi are equipped with CCTVcameras. You will need a library card and a four-digit password to use theself-service library. The customer using the self-service library isresponsible for any damage or vandalism in the library and for enabling suchacts.

7. Data protection

When youreceive a library card, you will be added to the customer register. The libraryhas the right to use your personal identity code. The customer register is onlyused in the supervision of the library use and loans. The information of thecustomer is confidential and is not passed on to any third party. The customerhas a right to know and view the information stored about themselves. Theguardian of a child has the right to view the loans and charges of the child.

8. Loan ban

You willlose the right to take out loans if your charges exceed the assigned limit(10€) or the charges are not paid by the end of the year. You will get theright back when you bring back the overdue items, compensate for the damaged orlost items and pay for the charges. You can use the library facilities at thelibrary despite the loan ban. 

9. Library ban

The customer can lose the right to use the library if they continually disturb the proper use of the library, behave in a disorderly manner, jeopardise the safety of the library, threaten other customers or library staff or damage library property. The library ban lasts a maximum of 30 days and is assigned by the library manager. Before setting the ban, the customer is heard and they can appeal against the decision.